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Welcome students and parents to the Campus Portal!  As a district we are pleased to be able to deliver information about you or your child in this format. 


About attendance, please remember this is real – time, which means you see it as it is posted.  There is a lag between posting and resolving attendance issues.  So, if you or your child were marked absent from a class when you/they were in a music lesson, allow a few days for the teacher and the attendance clerk to resolve the absence.  For more detailed information please see the posting once inside the portal.

If you do not have an activation key please contact your closest school site.

Remember, if you have questions about specific information that you see  (grades, credits, attendance, or contact information) please contact the teacher, counselor or attendance clerk at the school.

Parents, if your account is disabled,  you need help or you have questions about how the portal operates, please email the contacts.

Please click here to email Rachel Yochum or Robert Saffel  for assistance.
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