Tip Off Report

A: Suspicious Activity:

Are you aware of any suspicious behavior or criminal activities around our school? Have you seen any suspicious item or package left behind, inside or around the school buildings? If you have any information about suspicious people, or notice any suspicious packages, or items around the school let us know and we will notify appropriate authorities.

B: Suicide Prevention:

Parents/Guardians, teachers and staff play a key role in student suicide prevention. Please report any behavior that is self-directed and deliberately results in injury or the potential for injury to oneself.
All you need to do is complete the sections applicable on the form below. Please give us as much detailed information as possible. We guarantee to pass the information on anonymously.

Which Campus

Suspicious Behavior or Criminal Activities


Suspicious Package or Item

Suicide Alert

Please provide any information regarding Self-harm, Suicidal behavior, Suicide attempt and considering, or planning for self-injurious behavior which may result in harm to a student. Please be as descriptive as possible.

If Comfortable, Please provide us with contact information: