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Wildcat News!!

  FIMS Athletic Packet available now! (5/24/16)

Click here to download the 2016-2017 FIMS Athletic Packet.

  Support our very own Kaylee Kim during the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. on May 25-26, 2016. You can watch her on ESPN3 on Wednesday May 25, 2016 5 AM local time. (5/11/2016)


Message from Mr. Opseth regarding Student Dress Code (3/16/16)

Dear Parents of our Amazing Wildcats,

It's starting to warm up! With the number of warm days on the rise, we are seeing more students coming to school without jackets and sweaters. We want to remind you of the school's dress code policy. It is in your student's agenda on pages 10 and 11. For your reference, the pages are included here. We appreciate your support in meeting our standard of excellence at Fort Irwin Middle School!
Kind regards,
Colin Opseth
School Principal


Congratulations to the 2016 HDAL Basketball Small Division champion and the Mountain Division champion!

Devon Barnes - 7th grade
Drequan Wilson- 7th grade
Andre Clay- 7th grade
Donovan Okpokwasili- 7th grade
Pouria Ebadi- 7th grade
Deshawn Herold Adams- 7th grade
Joaquin Murrietta- 8th grade
Amari Gray- 6th grade
Jalen Spence- 6th grade

Antonio Ili-8th grade


Congratulations 2016 Grade Level and School Spelling Bee winners!

School Champion: Kaylee Kim

School 1st Runner-up: Arianna Macher

School 2nd Runner-up: Julia Nauman


Grade 6 Champion: Julia Nauman

Grade 6 1st Runner-up: Arianna Macher

Grade 6 2nd Runner-up: Aloria Moyd


Grade 7 Champion: Folau Holi

Grade 7 1st Runner-up: Morgan Kim

Grade 7 2nd Runner-up: Donovan Opokwasili

Grade 8 Champion: Kaylee Kim

Grade 8 1st Runner-up: John Carlson

Grade 8 2nd Runner-up: Madison Spalty


2016 FIMS School Spelling Bee promotional presentation! Click on the link below to view the Spelling Bee informational video. Contact Mrs. Malana or Mr. Malana for any question about the spelling bee.


Congratulations to Eva Lauer and Kaylee Kim for winning first and third place respectively in the U.S. Constitution Essay Writing Contest sponsored by the Barstow Patriot Forum. Click on the link for the full story. (1/09/16)


7th and 8th Grade Social Studies website now updated! (1/07/16)

Click here for the 7th grade website.

Click here for the 8th grade website.

Mrs. Dale's website now available! (1/06/16)

Just follow the link below.




7th and 8th Grade Social Studies website now updated and redesigned! (9/20/15)

Fort Irwin Middle School named one of high desert's standout middle schools! Click on the image to read the full article. (914/15)

Wildcats Join Fort Irwin Community in Remembering 9/11! (9/12/15)

7th grade website now updated for 911 Remembrance! (9/9/15)

Also check the Google classroom for bonus points!

FIMS Athletic Packet available now! (8/08/15)

Click here to download the 2015-2016 FIMS Athletic Packet.



Current News (click on bold title for entire post)
Fort Irwin Middle School will develop an academic program that will focus on high expectations of pupil performance in an environment where students feel socially, emotionally, and physically safe.


We will create a school culture where all members build relationships that support and motivate all students to do their best academically and behaviorally.

Fort Irwin Middle School Principal:
Mr. Colin Opseth



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