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Physical Education is the science and study of the human body and its movement. This course will provide the student with an opportunity to learn and experience a variety of team and individual sports.  A strong emphasis will also be placed on personal fitness and fitness training.  The goal of the department is to provide the students with the tools necessary for maintaining lifetime fitness.


Address and meet the Physical Education Standards that apply to this Physical Education class.


v To ensure a safe environment for all students.

v To develop a comprehensive physical education program by providing students with an introduction to a wide variety of physical activities.

v To treat every student with respect.

v To let each student know where he/she stands in terms of his or her physical education grade.

v To increase and improve each student's knowledge of physical education. 


v To treat teachers, other students and property with respect. 

v Be to class on time.

v To be prepared for activity, this includes proper dress for class.     

v You are responsible for all information verbal/written covered in class, pay attention!!!

v To promote a safe environment in physical education, horseplay is strictly prohibited.    

v  Always work to 100% of your ability.


v To inform teachers of potential problems your child may have in physical education. Inform teachers of changes in medication that might have an impact on how they react to exercise.

v To express concerns immediately. If you have questions or a problem with the program please call us before a problem has a chance to escalate.

v To encourage your son or daughter to exhibit a healthy lifestyle outside of school.  


·       Students must be dressed in a SVHS approved PE uniform.

·       The student will be respectful of himself/herself, of others, of visitors and of SVHS staff members.

·       No profanity/abusive language

·       The student will not abuse belongings that are not their own.

·       No horseplay during class, this includes changing for class.

·       No food, drink, candies or sunflower seeds are permitted in class or the lockeroom.  Water is permitted and strongly recommended, if in re-sealable plastic bottle.

·        Electronic devices will be permitted on “RUN DAYS” only.

 Failure to comply will result in confiscation of the item/items.

·       Students will be in the locker room at the tardy bell and at the designated area within five minutes after tardy bell

·       Students will remain in the locker room until the ringing of the dismissal bell

·       Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated


·       SVHS PE shirt and/or gray, white, black, blue t-shirt free of any text and/or design is also permitted.  NO TANK TOPS!!!!!!

·       SVHS PE blue gym shorts and/or black, white or gray short free of text and/or design is also permitted. Length of the shorts at finger tips with arms extended at sides.

·       SVHS Sweatpants/sweatshirts, plain blue, black, gray or white sweatpants and/or sweatshirts.

·       If a student wishes to wear a zip jacket or zip sweatshirt (hoody), it must be blue, black, gray or white in color and he/she must wear the approved shirt underneath. 

·       Appropriate sport shoes for indoor and outdoor activities, ballet flats, boots or sport sandals are not allowed for safety reasons.  NO FLIP-FLOPS!!!!  .                      

·       Students should not wear jewelry that could lead to injury or interfere with activity.  This includes watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.  All medical-type bracelets and necklaces should be secure.



·       1ST -4th  Non-Dress---4 point deduction from daily points.

·       5th –and every Non-Dress after=Class suspension, assigned to ALC, zero daily points.

·       Continued non-compliance will result in the students grade being severely lowered and could result in not earning a passing grade in Physical Education, which is a required course for High School graduation.



     It is essential that you arrive on time. Students are given 6 minutes after the second bell to change and meet at the instructional area.  This means you must be in your correct attendance spot or you will be counted tardy and/or absent.  If repeated tardies occur, consequences will be administered.  If you are absent, you will not receive your daily activity points until make-up policies have been met.


It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up materials for excused absences.

A written assignment or Outside Activity Form can be acquired from your instructor.  You will not receive your daily points until make-up policies have been met.  You will have two weeks from the date of the absence or excuse to make-up the points.


If you are unable to participate, a parent or a doctor must excuse you.

To be excused from class, you must do one of the following:

A. Supply your teacher with a signed parent note that specifically states the excused activity (i.e. No running, but can walk).  A parent note will suffice for a maximum of three days; then as stated in Board Policy a doctor’s note is required for longer durations. These situations may require the assignment of alternative learning activities.

B. Supply your teacher with a doctor's excuse that specifically states the condition, what you are ABLE to do, and when the child is able to return to class, or when he/she will be re-evaluated by the physician, (a start and end date).

C. To e-mail your instructor with an excuse or concern use the following address:

It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed assignments or activity points.  Numerous absences will impact their grade if make-ups are not completed.    Student/Athletes who miss class due to an Athletic event will receive their activity points for that day.

  • SVHS provides each student with a combination lock.
  • Students should not give their combination to anyone else for any reason. 
  • Students should not share lockers.
  • All students with Asthma and/or allergies must notify their teacher of the condition prior to activity.
  • Students with Asthma are encouraged to keep an inhaler/medication with them or in the school office.  A current “Emergency Medical Card” must be on file.
  • Please notify the school nurse and/or your PE teacher of any health concerns.


         Fitnessgram/Fitness Testing

All 9th grade students will be required to take a State mandated fitness test.  The state requires the students who do not pass five of six test components to enroll in a Physical Education class the following year.  Those that meet the state test results can complete their second year requirement anytime within the remaining three years.

Team Sports will be Fitness Testing as well, but the results will not effect their class requirements for the following year.


Grades will be based on total points you receive in various areas, a daily grade, (which is explained below) and a unit grade.

I.    Daily Activity Points

            Each day a student may earn 10 points

Points are based on the following criteria:

·       Student is prepared for class: on time, at the correct location, proper attire,  

·       Students show respect for teachers and peers: listens quietly to directions, does not use inappropriate language, cooperative with other students.  

·       Student actively and productively participates in warm-up activities.

·       Student participates appropriately, productively, safely and stays on task during daily activity.

II.   Unit Grade Points

·       The Final Exam will consist of a 1 mile run/walk and/or a written exam.

·       Students with zero non-dresses for the semester will be exempt from the final mile and earn a perfect score for the test.

    III.   Suspensions

·       Students are not allowed to make-up any missed work or texts. 

·       They will receive 0’s for all missed assignments or tests.

·       This includes the final exam.

·       Marked as a “Non-Dress” for each day suspended.

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